New Ebook Coming Soon

I’m almost done writing an ebook. It’s called:

The Tutor Template: A Practical Guide to Teaching, Coaching, and Instructing

Where did it come from?

In the middle of a seven day blog post challenge, I came up with an idea for a blog post called, “How to Tutor”. After a couple of days, I noticed that I kept thinking about the post.

When I sat down to write the blog post, the words came pouring out of me. Most of the framework and concept of the book was laid out in the first two writing sessions.

You see, I’m a tutor in college.

Since 2014, I have taught, supported, and tutored dozens of groups of people from my community.

This has helped me gain insight into the strategies that have worked best for delivering support and content, in many different areas of interest, including:

-Culinary Arts
-Multimedia Design
-Sports Health
-Personal Care
-Support Work
-Recreation and Leisure
-Life Skills
-And more

All the experience is there. I’m now figuring out how to share that in an ebook guide, in order for you to use as a tool to teach other people as well.

Ebook Cover

Before the book is even done, I found a designer to create the book cover.

I saw an example of Curtis Peel’s work in a video on Twitter. I was impressed. I reached out to him through direct message.

“Hi Curtis, Would you be interested and have time to design an ebook cover for me? In terms of price, you’ll have to help me with that. Is $*** worth your time? I’m out of my realm when it comes to design pricing.”

He replied in less than twenty minutes. He said yes. I sent the money. He asked when it needed to be finished. I suggested Christmas day.

He had it created within a week. I am happy with the results (see below).

Curtis Peel was professional. He didn’t delay, push deadlines, or pushed me about payment. All of this while he was moving to a new place!

I felt comfortable asking Curtis to add design concepts, without fear of him jacking up the price or being a sleazy salesman.

Curtis created a product I am more than happy with. I recommend his design services for your next media project.

How to Get an Ebook Cover Designed:
-Have a clear-ish idea of what you want the cover to look like
-Reach out to a professional, be courteous and cordial
-Pay them up front
-Provide the designer with some visual examples of what you want incorporated into the design
-Wait patiently

Curtis Peel can be found here:
Avalanche Artists

If you have a design concept for a project you’re working on, I recommend using Avalanche Artists.

You could end up with a great product like this (the capital ‘D’ is a watermark and will not be on the final book cover):

What now?

I remember being so excited about sharing my idea with people in ebook form. It’s funny, I used to make fun of people who sold ebooks in my area of Twitter. Now, I’m writing and promoting one. Too funny.

It’s also funny, I thought writing would be hard. Writing wasn’t the hard part. Editing is.

You can plant a bush and watch it grow, but you need to prune and trim it, to make it look nice. I might hire a landscaper.

I need to set myself a tentative deadline, with editing and putting it up on Amazon (which is a whole other beast, but I’m excited to jump into that unknown as well).

Where do you find the book?

I will release the book on Amazon. Subscribe to this site – DownCulture- and follow me on Twitter, to find out when it’s being released.

I will also be sharing more ‘behind-the-scenes’ of what it’s like to write, create, and promote an ebook.

Thanks for following along and I’m pumped to be sharing this new adventure with you!

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