Pre-order My New Book

My new book The Tutor Template is ready for pre-sale! Uploading the book file and cover photo didn't take long at all. What took long was figuring out distribution rights, royalty plans, and listing price. -Distribution Rights are places on earth I am allowed to sell my book.-Royalty Plans are the amount of money Amazon... Continue Reading →

Ebook is Finished

My ebook is finished. I powered through until 6:00am this morning. Then ate some food, walked the dog, and had a nap. Woke up and went back to writing, editing, and formatting. Finished at 6pm today. I feel so relieved that the formatting is done. That was boring and time consuming. Also, here's a tip... Continue Reading →

New Ebook Coming Soon

I'm almost done writing an ebook. It's called: The Tutor Template: A Practical Guide to Teaching, Coaching, and Instructing Where did it come from? In the middle of a seven day blog post challenge, I came up with an idea for a blog post called, "How to Tutor". After a couple of days, I noticed... Continue Reading →

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