Staying in Your Lane and Loserthink by Scott Adams

Did you enjoy your SimultaneousSip™ today?

I did, a lovely glass of cool water. It sure made watching this election hubbub more tolerable.

I was able to catch a bit of Scott Adams’s Periscope live-stream at 10am today.

For those of you who do not know who Scott Adams is, here is a short primer:
-He is the creator of the Dilbert comic strip
-He has several successful books on mindset, life, and persuasion
-In 2016 he predicted Donald Trump would win presidency, massive sh*t storm ensues until this day

During Scott’s broadcast today, I noticed what I thought to be an inconsistency in his thinking:

“Today you mentioned that people who criticize you and tell you to ‘stay in your lane’, is an example of Loserthink. But don’t you do that to artists when they weigh in on political issues?”

Scott makes fun of artists on Twitter all the time. He notices that there seems to be a lot of artists that disagree with him on political issues. My understanding was that, because they are artists, they lack the credibility and knowledge to weigh in on political issues.

His criticism back to them is in the form of a hashtag, he replies back to them with a “#Artist” comment. I think it’s funny (don’t take twitter too seriously).

The #Artists that he makes fun of, they dont find it so funny.

Ok, so back to my comment from above – I asked Scott on twitter if he was doing the exact same example of Loserthink that his critics were doing. He replied back:

“Only artists with limited talent stacks.”

Good play, Scott. Good play. H/t



One response to “Staying in Your Lane and Loserthink by Scott Adams”

  1. If I were to speak for Scott, I’d say: “straying from your lane” with good facts, reasonable criticisms, or well thought-out opinions is OK (even if one is a cartoonist 🙂 )

    I think the #artists he calls out are usually sporting none of those.

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