Dancing in the Moonlight Wormhole

What started as a post about NASA’s recent breaking news about finding water on the sun-side of the Moon, turned into a search for the original artist of the track, “Dancing in the Moonlight”.

To get me into the groove for writing a post about the Moon, I looked up “songs about the moon”. Here are the results:

There are some bangers on that list. CCR, Bowie, Elvis, Fleetwood Mac (shoutout to the Ocean Spray guy).

I originally thought, that the first to release Dancing in the Moonlight was thick sounding, Thin Lizzy. With their 1977 thumb snapping, bass funk inspired version.

Can you feel that bass?

But while scrolling the list and jamming to the tune, I noticed a song with the same title, different band and earlier release date. Interesting. I’ve already forgot about the Moon at this point. Will read more about it later.

The second song I found is from a band called King Harvest. That name is great. Very festive for this time of year.

The guy with the fur, leather jacket got laid A LOT. I have no doubt.

This track is actually the one I was thinking about when I first saw the title, Dancing in the Moonlight. Funny how these google search/youtube wormholes go.

I meant to research a bit and write about the discovery of water on the Moon. But my search for inspiration to write the post, took me on a different path. I’m ok with that.

As a self-declared Seeker of Knowledge, as long as my attention brings me to something I enjoy and/or something new, I’ll take it. It should bring a net-gain to me.

For example, I got to write this post and practice my writing. Shared two songs that I like with others. And got inspired to write another post, about the OceanSpray guy – Nathan Apodaca. Inspiration breeds inspiration.

Speaking of inspiration, Aren’t we going back to the Moon?

(This is post number 1 in a Seven Day Blog Post Challenge!)

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