Why Did You Go, Joe?

Joe Rogan is a former American Judo Champion, he lives in California, and has several chickens. He also has a lovely golden retriever named Marshall.

Joe Rogan also just signed a deal with Spotify worth more than 100 million gagillion fafillion dollars. Apparently this is a big move.

In the last few years, YouTube has been updating their terms of services and policies regarding content creation on their platform.

For example, I had a video of mine about my time at a Jordan Peterson lecture, deleted right off my channel. No warning or anything. So bizarre. The video was me talking and sharing pictures I took. No cursing or anything like that. They should read 12 Rules for Life.

Joe shared a video with us about the move to Spotify:

“It will be the exact same show. I am not going to be an employee of Spotify. We’re going to be working with the same crew, doing the exact same show – the only difference will be it will now be available on the largest audio platform in the world. Nothing else will change. It will be free, it will be free to you. You just have to go to Spotify to get it. We’re very excited to begin this new chapter of the JRE and I hope you’re there when we cross over. Thanks!”

-Joe Rogan – May 19, 2020

“[…] on the largest audio platform in the world” I bet he was paid to say that. But I definitely will be there for the cross over, Joe.

So, why did Joe leave YouTube? I can only speculate of course, but on many of his recent podcasts, he has mentioned he might move out of California to a place like Texas. Apparently the state of California has very high taxes.

Add the high taxes with the lockdown policies in place in California, plus the every-changing YouTube rules, equals Joe and crew taking their business elsewhere.

Will this move by the JRE podcast be a catalyst for a mass exodus of content creators from YouTube to other platforms? I’m excited to find out. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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