How to Read Books by Naval Ravikant

I have 38 books on the go. But that’s okay that I haven’t finished any of them yet.

I happen to agree with Naval that you don’t necessarily have to finish a book, right away or even at all, in order to appreciate content within a book.

Naval Ravikant’s Secret to Reading Books in the Social Media Age | JRE Clips

Joe: I got really fascinated by the way you read because I thought there was something wrong with me by doing that, but you don’t really just read a book to completion – you read then you pick something else up and you just kind of go based on your whims whatever you’re interested in.

(When Naval was younger he would read all the books, maps, and magazines in the library near his house)

Naval: I just read everything. So I got over this idea of that reading a large number of books or reading a book to completion as a vanity metric. Because really when people are putting up photos on Twitter or Instagram of, “look at my pile of books that I’m reading” it’s a show of things, it’s a signalling thing.

Naval: […] your brain has finite information in a finite space – you get enough advice it all cancels to zero. There’s a lot of nonsense out here in books too so I don’t read anymore to complete books – I read to satisfy my genuine intellectual curiosity…


Find ideas. Look for understanding. When you find something interesting in a book, put it down, then research it a bit.

And don’t feel bad that you didn’t finish the book. Move on to another one to find even cooler ideas.

How many books are you reading at once? What books are they? Share in the comments below!

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