Reactivated Twitter

I lasted 26 days. Did I miss it? Sort of.

But what I realized when I signed back in, was that nothing really changed.

I didn’t miss anything “important”. Heck, the whole reason I left was because I was ignoring actual important things in my life.

I’ve tried to set a Twitter Schedule:

Time allowed on Twitter



Now, this doesn’t mean I’m on twitter for nine hours a day. Those widows of time are when I am allowing myself to use social media.

Have I used Twitter outside that window? Yes I have. But at least I try and stay within the limit – more of a guideline, really.

In the future, lets hope I won’t need to have to take 30 day breaks from Social Media. Lets hope I can curb its usage and control it – before it starts to control me again.

Have you ever had to take a break from Social Media? Lets us know below.

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