Welcome to Lex Fridman

“I’m a research scientist at MIT, working on human-centered AIand autonomous vehicles. Also, I teach courses on deep learning. Connect with me (@lexfridman) on Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Besides research and teaching, I enjoy playing guitar, practicing jiu jitsu, and engaging in deep meaningful conversations including on podcasts both as a guest (e.g., Joe Rogan Experience) and as a host (e.g., Artificial Intelligence podcast with Elon Musk).”

taken from https://lexfridman.com

I first heard of Lex Fridman after his appearance on The JRE podcast.

Lex Fridman is a smart, Russian/American that has an interesting voice. He doesn’t have a Russian accent. He kind of talks like me. I’m English speaking and I mumble sometimes and forget to enunciate as well. I’m working on it.

I watched some of the podcast via JRE Clips, titled:

-Robots and Deepfakes w/Lex Fridman

-Joe Asks MIT Scientist What He Thinks Happens After Death

And a few others.

But the content that made me a fan of Lex Fridman, is one of his own podcast episodes with one of he greatest Olympic athletes of all time – Dan Gable.

Dan Gable is a wrestling phenomenon. He went undefeated in high school and undefeated in college until his very last match. Then at the 1972 Olympics, he did not surrender a single point in the games.

Lex Fridman said that Eric Weinstein is his mentor. The nerds will control the future.

If you want more Lex Fridman, check out his show the Lex Fridman Podcast.

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