Deactivated Twitter

I deactivated my Twitter account , again.

I quickly logged into my account during a recent hiatus, in order to use TweetEraser to delete all the tweets.

I was using Twitter WAY too much. Twitter isn’t real life. And I was ignoring mine.

Before the break, I was checking it every few minutes. If there was even just 1 notification, I would click to see who/what it was.

While on Twitter, it may seem like the world is about to explode.

That ‘end-of-the-world’ mindset is toxic. Don’t listen to them.

Whatever people on Twitter are mad about, is never something YOU need to worry about. Your immediate life won’t be affected.

I deactivated my Twitter so I could cleanse myself of that toxic mindset.

Will I ever go back on to Twitter?

Now starts a new 30 days Twitter Break. Lets see how long I can last.

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