Ryan Holiday on How You Get Your News

The term ‘fake news’ gets thrown around a lot today. When people hear the words ‘fake news’ they probably think of Trump or journalism. One undoubtedly effects the other.

A new documentary film by Scooter Downey and Jon Du Toit and producer Mike Cernovich, titled – Hoaxed – does a deep dive into the world of fake news.

You can rent the movie for $5 on Vimeo. You may not agree with every persons point of view in the film – but it’s definitely worth a watch.

My favorite part was when author Ryan Holiday explains what the news actually is to the person reading it:

“If you think about what the news is, what you see in the news paper or on TV – it’s a small fraction of reality. There’s all the things that have happened. There’s all the things that they know about. There’s all the things that they decided to write about. There’s the things that they decided to write about that YOU saw. Right, and it goes down and down until you’re at that individual article. And so you think that when you’re reading the news that you’re being informed. That you’re educating yourself. That you’re seeing how the world is – but you’re seeing such a tiny fraction of the world and so you could, you could argue that in a way the media is designed not to inform you but to keep you uninformed.” (1hour55mins19secs in)

Ryan then goes on to say how scary it is that the “bubble” we all live in has no obligation to adhere to truth.

From the president and powerful people of a country – to the news organizations that report on them – everything is filtered. How will you choose to filter and see reality?

“We can’t even agree on reality anymore”

-Ryan Holiday
screenshot taken from film

You can watch Hoaxed here.

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