Penrose Physics

Joe Rogan just finished interviewing renowned physicist, Sir Roger Penrose.

I started watching it live at about an hour and a half in, near the end. Roger Penrose mentions the Penrose Institute that has a focus on pushing the boundaries of science:

“I was a bit worried having my name attached to this thing when I didn’t know much about it. But it seems to me a really important thing where you can – which is the deliberate purpose of it – is to develop ideas which make sense but are not mainstream.”

The Penrose Institute mission is:

“To understand the human mind, the cosmos and the laws of physics that govern them, and to spread the wonder of science and mathematics, inspired by the work of Sir Roger Penrose.”

Physics, the cosmos, and the human mind – sign me up!

The Penrose Institute philosophy is:

“The Institute will investigate across a broad range of interrelated scientific domains, uncover paradoxes in our current understanding of physics and propose new ideas that can be experimentally tested, the results of such tests to be taken seriously in the future development of our thinking.”

I quite enjoy the idea of them investigating, “across a broad range of interrelated scientific domains”. Having all the types of science disciplines coming together sounds like a great plan.

As long as they can keep politics out of their research, I think we might just stand a chance at finding out the mysteries of the universe sooner rather than later.

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